Frozen Sippin Pops is a family run business headed by three curious minds with a professional team having a gigantic experience of 15 years in the ice pops manufacturing industry.

We are a young corporation and have put our heart and soul to make this into a reality and bring to people the same nostalgia back with the delicious, vibrant and array of unique flavours in a safe and more hygienic way with our ice pops.


What Exactly is Sippin ?

Remember the days when we would run to our nearby shop as soon as we received pocket money to ask for Those Ice Pop? It once came in a staggering array of colours and tastes.

Yesss !!! In a much safer and hygienic way, we recreate the happiness of our youth. 

Our packaging is entirely recyclable because we’ve designed it with a modern working style in mind.

We want not only kids but everyone to devour this experience of eating ice pops to relive and create sipping good moments! 

So get ready to pop non-stop with Frozen Sippin Pops! 

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